Wisdom Whispers……

March 27, 2013

This morning I got up and felt compelled to write. Mainly because the worries and cares of this life seem to stifle us at best and bind us to what is so unimportant at times. The pettiness that we get caught up in, that drains us mentally and emotionally. As if we can control things. I get up in the morning with the best intentions. To read my bible. Yep, I said it. This is my ritual almost every morning because that is where I believe that wisdom starts. I don’t want to even start my day without spending this important time because it frames my thoughts. I am more aware of what matters. Wisdom whispers. It is not loud, it does not bang you over the head with knowledge. It doesn’t remind you to think on these things. It whispers. Throughout the day, we are given choices on how to react to any particular situation. If we listen, the answer is there. Silence is key. The less we say, the better we are. The more intuitive we become. So my new resolve is to speak less and listen more, listen and let wisdom whisper as my mind is open. At this age, I only wish I had this insight as a younger woman. Certainly as a Menopause Outlaw, I can pass this on. Hopefully someone is reading. Writing though is more for me. It is always something I am supposed to learn first. So this week, this is my lesson. If I am silent then wisdom can whisper all that I am supposed to know for the day. Because the day is sufficient unto itself. Tomorrow is another day and I will trust that Our Great God will meet that need as well. I am a broken vessel to be filled up each day and my task is to pour myself out for others. I will wait and listen when WISDOM whispers because WISDOM is much more valuable then anthing else. 

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