The student is ready!

January 2, 2016

After reading the Baltimore magazine for December, they ran a small cameo story on Ravens guard and mathematician, John Urschel who lives on less that $25,000.00 per year and drives a used Nissan Versa. He stated that He does not need a lot to make him happy. So let me get this straight. He has money, chooses not to spend it, chooses to live frugally and is happy. What is his secret? After reading that, I sort of mulled that over and looked back at what I spent last year and realized I did not save one penny. Sure on a sale item maybe which brought temporary satisfaction. If I were a single woman and had only my income to live off of when I retire, then what would that number be. Realistically, going full blast in the direction I was, would mean living below poverty. Yes, I have a husband and yes we have a plan, but I did not. My plan was that I had faith that things would always work out well. Just blind faith. They did, I’m married again going into my 14th year to Prince Charming. After my first marriage dissolved, I left Texas with $300.00 in my pocket and credit cards. I eventually signed over everything out of emotional duress with a voice in my head telling me I would be okay and a song written by Mary Chapin Carpenter, that said, “you can have it, I don’t want it, when you got it, I’ll be gone.” So the truth is that the lessons we are supposed to learn circle back around until we learn them. So back to the basics. Maybe I should have read Suze Orman’s books. Well, my motto is, better late than never. We are never to old to learn the lessons we failed to learn in our early years. The teacher will appear when the student is ready. I am ready!

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