Simple wisdom simple pleasures!

Fifty some years living on this planet brings much learning. If you have learned from your mistakes, that is what we we're supposed to do, learn from them. Not get up the next day and drag them with us. Which we all do.  Dwell on the unchangeable.  Yes, there may be consequences from mistakes and you may be living with those for quite a while.  And if you happened to pull your children into those mistakes then unbeknownst to you the embers of anger can still be burning and can flare up at anytime. The cut you thought healed in your heart is ripped right back open with regret and remorse. But that was yesterday. And you can't change a thing but today. Today, the present, the cliche, is your present to open. This week I did actually that. I pretended there was a box on my bed and I carefully opened it and I said a prayer and said I am ready for all you have for me today, because it is a gift. I'm 57 and my mom did not live past 54. So simple wisdom simple pleasures is what I intended to write about. So I'm drinking coffee in a French cafe in Key West of all places.  There is not a cloud in the sky and I am reveling in a simple pleasure and I refuse to drag yesterday's regret into this present that is mine to open each morning. Today is all I have.

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