The Fabulous Fifties

September 6, 2018

A quote by Betty Friedan rings true…..”Aging is not lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength.”


No I’m not talking about the years gone by, I’m referring to the age. I was born in 1959 and will be 59 in another 19 days. So I have one more year in this glorious timeframe. As a Mary Kay personal use consultant, I know Mary Kay would not agree with telling a women’s age, however, it is a blessing. I am asked all the time, why do you call yourself a Menopause Outlaw®? Isn’t that a negative connotation? Well it all depends from which lens you view that from. I think dwelling on the negative of anything isn’t a positive thing to do. Menopause to me, means freedom, wisdom, only grandbabies at this point you are fortunate to watch grow up. Your kids have already grown if you had them early and you are finally seeing the fruits of your labor, hopefully! But really to me that word which grew out of a partnership at one time means so much more. It speaks from a place of wisdom from the years lived. It speaks of someone who does not operate inside the box any longer, hence Outlaw! From a personal standpoint, I married young, had my children, and now looking back realize the aspiration of being a writer, songwriter and storyteller, were placed on the shelf by me. I didn’t use my gift of encouragement as I could have. There is no sorrow here, just in my family history that was the expectation. But lo and behold, it is not too late for the Menopause Outlaw®! Jumping out of the box and forging our own trail is what a Menopause Outlaw® is at heart? Whose with me?

© Belinda Fraley Huesman


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