A New Direction!

September 3, 2018

“Somewhere there is a ancient enmity between our daily life and the great work. Help me in saying it, to understand it.” - Rainer Maria Rilke
Sometimes it's the ordinary that drives us to our great work. What is our great work? What are we dwelling on or doing with glee in the ordinary moments? Something that comes so natural, perhaps a gift we have never acknowledged. Embarking on a new path is scary. However, if we approach the new path with baby steps then it is doable. Putting one foot in front of the other is sometimes all we can do. Sometimes its enough just to make the coffee.
But it still requires us to take a step. Take a shower. Then with fresh eyes look around and see circumstantial evidence of the direction you are supposed to walk. A phone call, an invitation, a book, a quote, a job offer, etc. Pray for eyes to see, daughter of the King! It is a matter of sometimes asking, seeking, knocking and eventually we find what we are looking for. Belinda Fraley Huesman © 

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